Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mini Book Review: Blood Apples: A Grimm Diaries Prequel #6 by Cameron Jace

I’m returning from my blog hiatus with a review of Blood Apples, another prequel in the Grimm Diaries series by Cameron Jace.  However, I have to warn any readers that I’ll still be posting very sporadically through the end of the year…but I’ll be posting much more frequently beginning in January, getting ready for the ALICE IN EVERVILLE release in March!

Blood Apples, the sixth Grimm Diaries prequel, is narrated by Prince Charming and gives us new insights into some characters from earlier installments, including Snow White and (briefly) Peter Pan, as well as introducing us to new characters like Jack (of “and the Beanstalk” fame). I especially loved the imagery at the beginning of the story, when the Prince is “reading a letter made of pages of sand, delivered to me by a white dove guarded by two owls.” As always, the author weaves together not only a fascinating combination of fairy tales (this segment includes Snow White and Rapunzel), but also other influences that in this case include Greek myth, vampires and Romeo and Juliet. Also as always, I ended up googling and learning something new—in this case, that an apple can be a Wiccan symbol because when it’s cut a certain way, the seeds form a pentagram. After finishing this prequel, I’m dying to know more about Snow White, and especially about the mysterious Pomona introduced at the end of the story!