Friday, July 5, 2013

Twitter Chat Update

Since I'm on the West Coast, the twitter chat next Thursday at 8 P.M. Eastern time will be 5 P.M. for me...and I was planning to take off work a little early in order to participate.  However, my boss has since adjusted our schedule so that Thursday is the day we really need to stay late and prepare for the upcoming week (I don't work on Fridays over the summer, woohoo!), so while I'll try to leave as early as possible, I'll definitely be very late for the twitter chat and might not make it at all.  This makes me feel very

However, I will be checking in on twitter as soon as I get home (I take the subway home, so even if I had twitter on my phone, which I don't, I couldn't use it because there's no cell phone reception underground.)  And the chat will still be going on with the other Pendrell authors, so you should definitely still check in!