Friday, July 13, 2012

Exciting News

Exciting news...I've sold my second book to Pendrell Publishing!  It's another contemporary YA novel, titled LIGHT SISTER, DARK SISTER, but it's VERY different from ALICE IN EVERVILLE.

First of all, LS, DS [jeez, I pick long titles!] is written in verse, like novels by Ellen Hopkins and Sonya Sones.  In addition, while AiE is on the younger end of the YA spectrum, LS, DS features slightly older protagonists (yes, there are 2 protagonists!) and is a bit darker in tone, and fits more in the upper age range of the YA spectrum.

I love both AiE and LS,DS so much, and I'm super excited that I'll get to share both of them with you!

And it's even up on Publisher's Marketplace:

And here's a teaser description:

In SC Langgle's verse novel Light Sister, Dark Sister, sixteen-year-old twin sisters with opposing personalities must come together to prevent a potential tragedy.

This weekend I'll be posting a teaser excerpt from the novel, so be sure to check back!

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