Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apologies, Copy Edits, and Excerpts

So as is probably apparent to anyone who reads this blog, I have been insanely busy these past few weeks...and my blogging has gone from sparse to nonexistent as a result.  I'm so sorry!  I have a new part-time job, but I am going to try to continue participating in Weigh-In Wednesday and writing book reviews as often as I can.  Another reason I've been busy is that I just finished copy edits for Light Sister, Dark that's one good thing!  So to celebrate the completion of copy edits, I've decided to post another excerpt from the book...and this one is the copy editor's favorite part!  So here it is:


All Hallows’ Eve

The night when the dead
return and walk the earth,
demanding remembrances
from the living.

All Hallows’ Eve

The night when the living
cloak themselves in darkness,
to escape the notice
of the hungry dead.

But what do you do
when you’re not sure which side
you belong to?

What do you do
when you spend every day
in the twilight
straddling the line
between two worlds?

What do you do
when you’re no longer sure
what’s disguise
and what’s true?
What hides you from the world
and what reveals you?   

Do you retreat further into shadows
and embrace the night?

Or do you step the other way
and reach for the light?



The night of disguises
when everyone transforms
into what they most want
or most fear.


The night when normal rules
are tossed away
like the insides
of a grinning jack-o’-lantern.

But what do you do
when you’ve started to feel
like you’re wearing a costume
every day?

What do you do
when you suspect the safety of rules
may no longer protect you
so what’s the point

Do you keep your hopes up, smile on,
and clutch the last rays of light?

Or do you look for new answers
in the murky realm of night?

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